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Join the First Gigabit Beta Tester Community and Shape the Future of the Internet!

Do you have a gigabit Internet connection at home? Do you want exclusive access to the latest apps developed especially for fiber-optic connections?

KC Digital Drive is building a community of gigabit app beta testers, and you can be a part. We want people willing to use their ultrafast connections to help entrepreneurs, startups, game designers, and other tech companies test their products before launching them to the world.

As a Gigabit City Lab beta tester, you'll be among the first to test exciting new applications like HyperaudioFitNet, or Software Lending Library and discuss them with your peers. We’ll bring you news and information about the world of gigabit apps, along with new apps to test as soon as they're available. You'll get to join a cutting-edge community that provides valuable feedback to people developing apps for the gigabit age.

How to Join the Gigabit City Lab projectAll it takes is the high-speed connection you may already be using at home, via a provider such as Google Fiber, Comcast or AT&T, and excitement for the future of the gig!

The program is expected to launch in the spring of 2015.


  • Home broadband access, preferably a fiber-optic 1Gbps connection
  • Excitement for the future of the gigabit Internet
  • Ability to test apps and provide user-experience feedback via frequent surveys
  • Participation in an online discussion forum

How it works:

1. Fill out the form to signal your interest.

2. In a few days, you will receive a link to a mandatory survey.

3. Once you have completed the survey, you will be added to our community of beta testers. 

3. Watch your inbox and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Gigabit City Lab news. 

About the Project

Since Google started rolling out in Kansas City, KC Digital Drive has been working with local and national partners to launch new applications and web services that use our newfound wealth of bandwidth. We know there is less buffering, better video conferencing, and the ability to record eight shows at once—but we’re looking for more, and we want your help.

We’ve been working with teams in education and health care, government and the arts, even the guys who predict the weather, to identify real-world needs and use cases. Working with national partners like Mozilla and US Ignite, we’ve hosted a couple gigabit hackathons and launched a Gigabit Community Fund. And we’ve established 1 Billion Bits to help software developers think about the Internet of the future.

Now we need the users to complete the loop and continue building the gigabit future!


What if I don’t have a gig?

If you’re interested in gigabit apps, please sign up! We’re interested in all sorts of high-speed uses. And we’d love for you to join the community regardless of your current home Internet speed.

Is this just for Kansas City?

No. Connectivity between cities is one of the great promises of the gigabit web. With beta testers around the country, we’ll be able to test the “in between” Internet infrastructures that can still lead to bottlenecks, even with a gig to the home.